Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sicilian Chicken Dishes

During the last weeks of my mother's life, her good friend Tannina came down from New York to stay with us and to be with Mom here in North Carolina. I cannot begin to tell you the comfort, and ease that she managed to bring into our house, or the debt of gratitude that I feel toward her. While she was with us she introduced us to two wonderful Sicilian dishes, and whenever we make them, we think of her.
The first we call Taninna's chicken, but the second one is chicken, artichoke and olive, which in Americanized Italiano is Chicken Carcofi-e-olive which sounds like Chicken Kar choe fee ah leave ay. and i would submit is just as catchy as Chicken Cacciatorri. Here is the recipe:

Chicken Carciofi e Olive

Saute an onion (choped into large chunks) in olive oil,
Add chicken cubes, continuing to saute till chicken is tender
add black olives,
add either frozen or a couple jars of artichoke hearts
add a can of chicken broth and simmer until artichokes are tender.


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