Monday, September 17, 2012

Timeline: Italian Immigration to Brooklyn, NY

1801 the Brooklyn Navy Yard opens.
1814 the steam ship Nassau begins service between Brooklyn and Manhattan.
1834 Brooklyn is incorporated as the City of Brooklyn.
1838 the Green-Wood Cemetery is created.
1859 the Brooklyn Academy of Music is formed.
1867 Prospect Park opens to the public.
1883 the Brooklyn Bridge, is opened.
1886 the Statue of Liberty was re-assembled on her new pedestal and dedicated.
1902 Nick Santora Comes to the united states and the Flatiron Building, New York's first skyscraper is completed in Manhattan.
1903 Grace Santora comes to America with her Daughter Olga and infant Nicola. Nicola dies. The Williamsburg Bridge opens, it is the largest suspension bridge in the world.
1908 The city's first subway begins running trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan.
1909 The Manhattan Bridge is completed.
1912 Nick Santora opens a bakery near Floyd Street under what is now the Marcy Projects, but must close within the year because he cannot afford the protection money.
1913 Ebbets Field opens, and the Brooklyn Dodgers, have a new place to play.

1920 "Eddie" Felice Ettore DeVito comes to America with his parents Antonio and Carmella Devito and his sibblings Michael and Aurelia, moving first to White Plains
1921 Antonio opens his barber shop near Flushing and Thompkin's ave.
1929 Brooklyn's tallest building, the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, is completed.
1957 the New York Aquarium comes to Coney Island, and the Dodgers leave Brooklyn.
1961 Torre DeVito is born.
1964 Karen Fisher (DeVito) is born and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is completed, connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island.

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